Monday, 19 October 2015

In time - Jord Wooden Watch review.

I have this one friend, (you have one similar, I'm sure) and every time I make plans with her she will be 15 minutes late. She never cancels and is very reliable, however I know that text message is going to arrive when I sit down in whatever cafe/restaurant we are meeting that I’m going to order a drink and enjoy it solo. (Post-baby it’s like a indulgent little time just for me... like using a whole Lush bath bomb instead of just a quarter..)

I need to get her a watch. Although I don’t know if it would help. But I got a new watch, (to help me to continue to be that friend who is always there 10 minutes before the time you plan to meet).. actually I'll be honest, I got sent a new watch and - it’s awesome. The last watch I had was one of those casio calculator watches and with this one I felt like I’ve stepped up into the grown up world of watches.

Living vegan means I’m always trying to be conscious about what I consume. I’ve had my eye on wooden watches for a few years and feel very indulgent that I own such a beautiful watch (cue, other half of that lush bath bomb).

This one is the black faced Dover (sounds like a rare british bird) from Jord wooden watches, and it’s made from Koa wood. Now what do I know about Koa wood? I’ll be honest, not that much. Nothing actually. (for real, how much do you all know about Koa wood?)

Photo : Sam Hotchkiss (Go visit his site, he takes the most beautiful photos!) 
I did a little creative googling and here’s what I found, it’s actually a flowering pea tree native to Hawaii, and is the island’s second most common tree. Wikipedia also kindly pointed out Taylor Swift has a acoustic guitar from Koa wood...  Jord’s official standpoint on the wood they use in their watches comes from furniture remnants. Pretty cool move Jord. Also all the woods they use are treated with natural finishes and reportedly arn’t using any harsh chemicals, keeping their workers safe (all their watches are finished by hand) and the wearer from absorbing anything through the skin.

Pretty cool right, and it looks pretty slick too... I’ve been getting a bucket of compliments on it. I’m a massive fan of the recycling of old products and considering the lovely quality of the watch I’d say I’m going to have this one a very long time.

Here's the crunch-line - Would I recommend you buying a Jord wooden watch? Yes. I'll start with what I don't like about it first (as there isn't much). In between the numbers that are closed off there are little white/silver colour blocks that I feel should be black.. (pretty picky I know) also although the size fits me perfect, although with the interchangeable pieces (about 1cm) it may be a little too tight or loose for some wrists.

But here is what I love -  It's a beautiful watch, it's Kenetic so it powers itself up from your own movement so you don't need batteries or better yet - to ever have to change batteries (I loathe batteries), its hand finished and made partially from recycled products and also Jord has free shipping worldwide (yah! I love free shipping) plus the packaging is simply lovely AND it comes snuggly cuddled with it's own little tiny watch pillow, squuueee - so unbelievably cute!.. I give it two very happy thumbs (or should I say wrists) up for the Jord Dover watch.
Most definitely one to put on your Chrissy lists this year.

Let me know if you end up getting one! (I'm thinking about asking santa for the Cora in purpleheart and gifting this one to the Mr. - its just so so lovely.. sigh) 

xx Love Carly 

*Product was provided by Jord Wooden Watches. I was not paid for this post and opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday's Ink - Episode 31 - Sarah Starrs

I haven't posted a Wednesday's ink in well.... it seems like forever but well over a year ago. The good news is --- it's back and I'm featuring this awesome Canadian babe, Sarah who has a pretty enviable little life in East London. Enjoy!

Name - Sarah Starrs, 27
Location - London, UK
Occupation - Writer & Coach
Where can we stalk you? - I help women get their shit together and create a life they love.  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter  / Podcast

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm originally from Canada but a few years ago I packed up my things and moved to the UK. Originally I was just planning a one year working holiday as a bit of an adventure but I fell in love with the city and then I fell in love with a man and we got married his summer! (phew). We live in a converted church in East London with our cat Hagrid. My biggest passion is helping women improve their self-esteem and achieve their dreams. In my free time I usually read, write, take pictures and make a mess in my Kitchen! I love vintage clothing and my husband and I love to travel. I'm also blessed with the most incredible girl gang who I'm always going on adventures with.

Do you have a normal day? what does it look like?

I do! I'm currently working to take my business full-time but in the meantime I manage the communications and marketing for a charity in East London. During the week I get up around 6am to work out , meditate and do some writing before work. I'm at work from 9 to 5 but I always do some writing on my lunch breaks. My evening vary, I'm often recording podcasts or working on my website, spending time with my husband or catching up with friends. On the weekends, I still get up early and do my morning practice but then I'll usually drink tea and eat breakfast in bed while we chat and read.

Which of your tattoos would you say is your favourite?

That is such a tricky question! It's probably a tie between my chest piece and the rose/bee on my knee.

Can you tell us a little more about the tattoos?

My chest piece is a crystal heart with blackwork peonies around it. It was done by Jessi James in Newbury. The rose and bee were done by Cassandra Frances.

Is there a meaning behind the tattoos or a special reason why you got them?

My chest piece is a representation of my own personal transformation and commitment to self-love. While my knee tattoo was just more for fun - eventually I want to get the other one done so that I'll be the bee's knees!

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoos?

My parents have mixed feeling about my tattoos. They definitely weren't keen on them at first and while my mom has mostly come around because she appreciates that I've gotten beautiful artwork, I think my dad still wishes I didn't have them. My husband doesn't have any tattoos but he love mine. Almost all of my friends are tattoo collectors as well, or at least tattoo appreciators!

Have you ever had a weird experience or a negative situation because of your tattoo?

Occasionally I'll get comments, usually from older people that I'd be prettier without them and sometimes people ask if they're real. Men will often use them as an excuse to make unwanted comments. (we are nodding in agreement on that one!) In either case, I just make it clear their feedback is unwelcome. For the most part, people just express their genuine curiosity and tell me that they think they're beautiful.

Finally, do you plan on getting anymore tattoos?

Absolutely! However I definitely consider myself a collector and a okay waiting until I have he money and can get work from artists I really admire. People like Emily Vincent, Grace Neutal, Emily Rose Murray, Tiny Miss Becca and Antony Flemming. And of course you Carly!

A big thanks to Sarah for taking the time out to chat with us, and of course for the awesome compliment throwing my name besides all those amazing tattooers! Happy hump day all!

xx Carly

Monday, 10 August 2015

Greetings from a relapsed blogger

Hi guys,

As you may have noticed if you’ve stopped by here anytime in say.... the last year, I have been on a full time blogging hiatus. It is shamefully long since I last posted.
Not that I don’t enjoying blogging, but my life took a turn for the crazy.. A successful (but very busy) year running my own shop in 2014 and after a little pee on a stick- poof! I found myself being on the road to becoming a Mama.

Pregnancy, gah.. what to say.. If you've been through it yourself you know what I'm talking about here.. (hormones). If not, well let me not spoil that fun for you (wink). 

Fast forward to my current state, I’m sitting (trying to type very quietly, hoping to be drowned out by an obnoxiously loud white noise app) next to a pants pooping, milk guzzling, little whiney 7 week old dude....  but I have to admit. I am hooked. The whole idea of motherhood still surprises me. Or should I say, me being a mother.. when I thought about having kids it always seemed like something I would plan like you know - later on. That later on always seemed a very safe distance away and I have caught myself more than a few times looking at my husband and wondering how did we get here?

I promise going forth I’m not going to bombard you with baby pictures or hundreds of words of well planned out mommy-wisdom. Because well I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just googling alot of stuff and winging it..

Things may change slightly around here, but I’m excited to be back and hope you can enjoy the changes with me. There will still be plenty of tattoo related stuff, some reviews and vegan goodies going forth. 

I'm glad you stopped by or better yet - never-ever left. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review - Der Eisbärliner - Vegan Ice cream Berlin -

Berlin in summer means a few things, fashion wise you can really get into gear with the skimpy outfits, hair is going the get greasy and less manageable and that nowhere (and I mean nowhere) has air-con. Which, leads me on the constant hunt of finding ways to keep it cool.

Cue the Ice-cream. Generally, vegan ice cream can be pretty limited unless your  creative enough to whip up a batch of your own.. however, the vegan options in Friedrichshain alone are enough to get you looking for the bike keys and heading out the door.

Today I visited 'der Eisbärliner'. To be honest, I had biked past the shop many times and amid the countless cafes and restaurants surrounding Boxhagner Platz I never noticed it. As the slogan says, it's an Ice-cream cafe on Boxi. The shop offers around 6-8 vegan selections of ice-cream, from fruit sorbets to some soy milk based ice cream (on the day, the only option was vanilla) and about 10 more flavours in regular cow's milk bases. Seating is inside and outside, although not much shade available from the hot sun outside, I would suggest to take your ice cream and head across the road and enjoy it in the park.

I tried the Vanilla made from Soy milk and the Mango sorbet. Both well made, but lacking the real wow factor I was after. Like most milk based ice-creams the vanilla didn't hold together as well as the Mango sorbet in the 33 degree heat and within a few short minutes had a cup of mango smoothie on my hands.

2 scoops in a cup cost 2,20 Euro. A very reasonable price for 2 scoops of vegan ice-cream. The big question - Will I return? Well... maybe. I must say I was a little disappointed, I had heard good things about this place and felt like the lack of selection was a bit of a downer. The prepackaged coconut bliss vegan ice cream range is all round richer, smoother and just plain yummier, plus there is another vegan ice cream shop just around the corner from here. I must add, in the Eisbärliner's defensive - supporting a vegan lifestyle is a major thumbs up, the location is great and staff friendly.

I'm giving this one a 3 out of 5 Hungry Kittys. Room to improve, maybe I was just there on an off day.

3/5 Hungry Kittys

The Eis Bärliner
Gärtnerstr. 11
10245 Berlin -Friedrichshain

Open Mon - Sun from 10:30am to 9pm.